Wizarder is a mobile game about a saving the world. 

Discover an amazing world, meet weird people, craft potions and become the best wizard bounty hunter!


With a cartoon style, and inspired mostly by The Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter saga, your mission will be to become one of the best wizarders in the world. If you're a good one or a horrible one, it's up to you.

Take contracts and win money and items. Trade or sell the items, or make powerful potions to help you in combat. Customize your weapons and learn strong spells.

The game is still in development, but you can follow us to keep updated!


Wizarder's world is full of strange creatures, bizarre humans, and wierd and fantasy things in general!

For example: 

  • The Wanderer. The wanderer is a wand seller. He goes around the world , and you will probably found him around black alleys. Quite a expensive shop, but like he says, expensive means good, right?
  • The shop seller. Once a famous wizard, now he sells legal (or not so legal) items for every creature in the world
  • The plant seller. What are plants useful for? For a common human, who knows. For a wizard bounty hunter? Attract monsters, distract, cure...
  • The spell summoner. Here you will create the most amazing spells, the only problem it's that they're random.

And one last thing , If you follow the game's creator you will win an exclusive wand when the game comes out! 


Developed by WizarderDev (Unai Estavillo Bonet and Abril Mas Baurier)

Spells by @Gabriel Lima (Follow him on itch.io :) )

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